Pale Oils

Pale Oils

Pale oils are a base oil stock which are highly naphthenic in content (in contrast to the usually mainly paraffinic base oils. They are used in moderate temperature applications, mainly for manufacturing metal working fluids, greases and other industrial and anticorrosion fluids. They are excellent as a property balance for rubber compounding and ideal for processing polymers. These can also be used as resin extending and secondary plasticizer for PVC.


Test Test Method specification Typical Value
Min. Max.
Viscosity, SUS at 100F ASTM D2161 24354
Viscosity, SUS at 210F ASTM D2161 193.9
Viscosity, cSt at 40C ASTMD D445 3994
Viscosity, cSt at 100C ASTMD D445 38.00 42.00 39.2
API Gravity, 60F ASTM D4052 14.9
Specific Gravity, 60F ASTM D4052 0.927 0.973 0.967
Density at 15C ASTM D4052 0.968
Aniline Point, F ASTM D611 170 180 175
Flash Point, F ASTM D93 445 452
Sulfur, PPM ASTM D2622 500
Color ASTM D6045 3.0 L2.5
Pour Point F ASTM D7346 85
Refractive Index ASTM D1747 1.5264

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